Temra International in the face of the coronavirus pandemic: the importance of the mask supplier

In Temra International, we take pride on how we’ve remained loyal to our principles ever since this pandemic started. We are producer and supplier of face masks, gloves and Personal Protection Equipment. Since the beginning, we have been clear that we shouldn’t take a dishonest advantage out of the vital importance of the work we do. That is why we have enforced the following set of good practices as a mask supplier.

First of all: understanding the importance of the supplier

Unfortunately, masks and PPE suppliers have turned into suppliers of first need products. Also regrettably, good intentions by themselves are not enough to procure an effective help. The most important thing is that the products we commercialise are safe and effective. It is virtually useless to keep a reasonable price tariff or make big donations if you are giving away a faulty product. It is actually quite dangerous in the health care industry. Which is why one of our focuses is to maintain the highest quality standards we could possibly reach.

In Temra International we firmly believe that problems cannot and will not be solved on the same level they originated. We’ve got to raise above them to find the solution. We guarantee the quality of our products through two main strategies: exceptional care on the choosing of our materials, and an exhaustive supervision of the manufacturing process. Our factories are constantly monitored and they go through safety and quality inspections on a regular basis. We also perform effectiveness checks on our products before delivering them, even when they are ready to their distribution. Here at Temra, we choose our materials carefully, and we are constantly reevaluating our needs as circumstances change.

como proveedor de mascarillas, tenemos una responsabilidad social

Second of all: an ethical business model

Over this year we have seen again and again how several companies and individuals have taken advantage of the situation and tried to enrich themselves. And we’re not only talking about overpricing or veiled blackmailing to governments and hospitals, we’ve also witnessed mortifying cases of plain fraud and deliberately faulty supplies. Temra International is very aware of the fact that, during these times, we’re not only playing a commercial role, but a social one as well. We are making our best too keep reasonable prices and fulfill our social duty at the same time.

During this past few months, we have not just supplied governments, hospitals and health centres; we’ve also made protective equipment donations in moments of urgency. It would be dishonest on our part to pretend that our product is merely that, a product, and not a commodity that, we hope, won’t be of vital necessity for much longer.

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