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TEMRA® INTERNATIONAL is currently investing in the establishment of health centers for preventive medicine and the treatment of chronic diseases.

MEDICAL products & PPE

Another segment of TEMRA® is the supply of medical and personal protective equipment, meeting the ever-changing needs of our customers by providing a wide range of innovative solutions and products to various sectors and industries. 

Covid – 19:

In light of the global pandemic that the world is currently facing a joint and unified global effort is required to provide support to governments, health institutions in both public and private sector to help combat the current crisis.

In response to the above, since the beginning of the outbreak of the pandemic, the management of TEMRA®INTERNATIONAL, composed by members and associates with vast industrial experience and expertise in international trading transactions, has significantly increased production within its manufacturing facilities and adapted its supply capacity to the incremented demand of its customers for medical and protective equipment. 

TEMRA® Products are manufactured under strict quality criteria complying with the highest quality standard levels.

We select carefully the materials which compose our products. The manufacturing process is underlying regular quality control performed by periodical site inspections. Tests of our merchandise are carried out prior to its dispatch from the factory, as for example filtration tests in case of protective and surgical masks. 

Following the above procedure, our team is effectively monitoring the integral manufacture process of goods distributed under our brand, starting from the design, composition and acquisition of our products until its dispatch from the factory and delivery to our customers.

TEMRA® branded Products are in compliance with International and European Quality Standards and have been tested and certified in accordance with the stipulated regulations.

At TEMRA®, our business policy and transactions are based on ethics, morals and fundamental values.

For this reason, we are especially concerned of how these values and ethics have been abandoned by various operators since the outbreak of the pandemic crisis, who have literally turned the market of medical and protective equipment into a global disaster.


Since the outbreak of the present sanitary crisis, TEMRA® INTERNATIONAL has succeeded in providing such protective equipment to central, regional and local government bodies, as well as hospitals and other private establishments, and in doing so, proven itself as a reliable and supportive partner during critical times.

The aforementioned supplies included in certain cases donations and non-profit transactions.

At Temra® International, we have kept and keep maintaining a moderate pricing level for our products, without having taken advantage of the global shortage and particular fragile situations of various hospitals, as well as other both private and public establishments, who were and are still in need of protecting their employees, as well as patients and vulnerable citizens in general.

We strongly believe that the current sanitary and economic crisis cannot be handled solely by the governments and its related public bodies, unless supported by companies willing to take over certain responsibilities and ready, while being in a privileged position, to give something back to the society.

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