Temra Interantional donates thousands of mace masks to local merchants and business as the city of Mijas starts to reopen

On May 23rd, the coronavirus pandemic was at its worst in Spain. That’s when Temra International donated 14.000 masks to Mijas’ townhall. At that point, businessess were starting to slowly reopen their doors after almost two months of strict lockdown. We wanted to make sure that we were doing our best to help businesses resume activity as safely as possible.

Our CEO, Gerhard Wolfmeier, met with Mijas’ mayor and representatives of businesses associations to make the donation. Councliman Andrés Ruiz was present, and said with great gratitude:

It is important to help small businesses’ owners reopen their doors as we move towards the new normal, as they now have to face  extra expenses on top of the economical losses this sanitaty crisis has inflicted upon them.

Most of the masks we donated were FFP2 type, along with some quirurgical badges. Mr Wolfmeier pointed out that we are a company that operates in Mijas, and we felt compelled to help our fellow business people as much as we could.

Temra International donated thousands of mace masks to local businesses

A small gesture that goes a long way

Getting our doors open again was a happy ocassion, but safety couldn’t be left aside. We are extremely aware of the importance that self care has. Temra International invests in projects that develop and distribute medical and safety equipment; face masks being one of the many products that we work with.

Having a proper proteccion barrier between ourselves and others is paramount in stopping -or, at the very least, slowing down- the spread of any sort of respiratory viruses, not just coronavirus. It has been proven over and over again that face masks are the best method to keep ourselves and others safe. But the acquirement of masks shouldn’t be a burden on the small businesses shoulders.

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