Sovereigns, public & private companies and institutions have selected companies operating today under the umbrella of TEMRA® INTERNATIONAL´s as their Strategic Partner for the supply of different kind of commodities.

We understand the importance of emerging markets and East Asia in general, including the Peoples Republic of China. The demand for raw materials, especially steel and copper is high all across the world. Public companies have put full faith in our capabilities in providing raw materials for scientific research and the manufacturing of high costing products, providing jobs and boosting a local and global economy.

TEMRA® INTERNATIONAL´s core trading business is the sourcing, supply and processing of and all different types of metals and minerals, including but not limited to ferrous and non-ferrous metals, precious metals, metal scrap and precious stones etc.

Furthermore, at TEMRA® INTERNATIONAL´s we are specialized in providing innovative, client focused solutions in highly regulated and heavy
industrial sectors at our specialist decommissioning facilities throughout Europe. Our team has extensive experience gained over the
last 30 years delivering projects in high hazard environments within the oil and gas, industrial, manufacturing, chemical and petrochemical
sectors. Our offshore decommissioning services include decontamination, deconstruction, waste management and environmental services together with associated logistics.

Our commodities originate from proven sources in conflict free regions and are delivered at customers’ destination on a CIF basis or FOB at port of departure.
TEMRA® INTERNATIONAL not only delivers, it satisfies the client’s product needs and technical requirements thus ensuring successful outcome of complex commercial transactions in highly regulated environments.

Our staff is highly trained in all shipping and transportation aspects including SGS, Bureau VERITAS verifications, insurance, and customs regulations anywhere.

By sourcing these commodities we create opportunities for the production of consumer products that we use day to day and expect to have at our disposal. The revenue that comes from the material or the exportation of these products builds a huge boost in the global economy. This grows employment opportunity especially in poorer countries or areas of high unemployment in developed countries. Wages earned go into the local/national economy, which benefits schools, health service and transportation. It ensures that the wages and tax paid through our business creates a strong impact on National and Local economies.

We also understand the impact that our work has on society and the environment and in doing so, we dedicate ourselves to improve our performance in human rights, health and safety and environmental protection, making sure to apply ourselves in helping the development of strong and sustainable communities wherever we operate.